Why doesn't Global Vaping e-cigs have nicotine in their e-juices? 

Currently selling or supplying nicotine is against Australian law. You can however order nicotine for personal usage from overseas vendors, up to 3 months supply.


Where can I purchase nicotine?  

You can purchase nicotine from a number of overseas sellers. One such site is   They are a reputable American website which sell high quality nicotine.


Which one do I get? 

100mg may be a great option. - Choose PG base for ease of mixing

Below is the amount needed to achieve a certain strength. All you need to do is add the below amounts to a 30ml bottle of e-liquid to achieve the strength.

Strength desired  -  MG  -  ML's needed

Super Low  -   3mg  -  0.9ml 

Low  -  6mg  -  1.8ml

Med  -  12mg  -  3.6ml

High  -  18mg  -  5.4ml

Very high  -  24mg  -  7.2ml